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The Fists of Bruce Lee

Action, Martial Arts
The Fists of Bruce Lee
In this kung-fu-fighting flick, Bruce Li is an undercover agent assigned to bring down a narcotics ring…but when he falls for Master Po Fu Mei's daughter, who is then kidnapped by the drug cartel, the danger is high and the stakes deadly.

Includes 4 Bonus Movies!

In this action-packed kung-fu classic, Lu, determined to become the greatest master alive, challenges humble prodigy Tiger Wong in a battle of aged experience versus young talent.

During China's Ching Dynasty, two influential groups battle for an artifact that holds eminent secrets, but mankind is doomed if the wrong faction obtains possession of it. Starring Meng Fei, Tang Tao-Liang, and Yu Tien Lung.

In Breathing Fire, Michael Moore is a Vietnam Vet who takes on a life of crime after the war despite the fact that he is a father to two sons—one biological, the other an adopted Vietnamese teenager. Starring Jerry Trimble, Eddie Saavedra, and Jonathan Ke Quan.

Lee Hsi (Fong Yeh) is a master of martial arts with moves so deadly he once killed a man. Now a pacifist, he works on a local pier owned by an abusive boss. But when pier workers begin turning up dead, he must take on the pier's brutal henchman Chinese Hercules (Bolo Yeung).

Rated R; Not Rated - Violence, Profanity; Not Rated -Violence; Rated R; Rated R / Available in Canada