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The James Dean Story

The James Dean Story
Principal Cast
James Dean
In 1955, when twenty-four-year-old James Dean's Porsche Spyder collided with another vehicle on a California highway, the impact was felt nationwide. The world had lost an enigmatic young star too soon, and yet, he had already made his distinct mark on American culture. The forty-three songs, hundreds of articles, documentaries, and numerous books written about James Dean, along with all of the monuments, fan clubs, movies, and plays centered on him are proof that Dean's work, although limited by the brevity of his life, was of a high enough caliber that in death he became a legend.

The James Dean Story is a documentary that takes an intimate look into the dashing young rebel's life—from his rearing in Fairmount, Indiana, to his journey to Hollywood, and his debut on the silver screen. Included are pictures of Dean throughout the years, interviews of his friends and family, and clips of his three major motion pictures: East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, and Giant. Also included is a re-enactment of the car crash that took his life, and the ironic television commercial that Dean had filmed just two weeks prior to his death as a public announcement for highway safety.

Not Rated / Available in Canada
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