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The Pandora Project

The Pandora Project
Principal Cast
Daniel Baldwin, Erika Eleniak, Richard Tyson, Bo Jackson, Tony Todd
John Terlesky, Jim Wynorski
When renegade commando Bill Stenwick (Richard Tyson) steals Pandora—an experimental weapon of mass destruction—from a secret base in the African desert, retired Secret Operations Commander John Lacy (Daniel Baldwin) is called back into the service of his country just days before he's supposed to marry Global News Network anchor Wendy Lane (Erika Eleniak). The honeymoon in Palm Springs may have to wait.

Lacy's old boss, Admiral Houtman (Tony Todd) sends him deep into the jungles of Colombia, where the weapon has been traced to the home base of a drug cartel. Stenwick has offered the services of his new toy to the drug lord in return for a handsome fee and willingly demonstrates Pandora's horrifying power on a neighboring village. Pandora's detonation causes the cells of all living creatures to implode, killing the town's entire population with a flash of light, and even the despicable drug dealers are shocked. The deal goes bad, but Stenwick, with his superior training, prevails. He exterminates the cartel members and makes off with their money. The question is…with all the money and power he's acquired, will Lacy be able to stop him!

Rated R