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The River Niger / A Gathering of Old Men

Drama, Urban
The River Niger / A Gathering of Old Men
An all-star cast performs in this film adaptation of the Tony Award® winning off-Broadway hit play. In this gripping, intimate look at life in the ghetto, Johnny Williams (James Earl Jones) is a house painter who moonlights as a poet, struggling to financially and emotionally support his cancer-ridden wife Mattie (Cicely Tyson). But times are tough and the poverty-troubled streets are even tougher, and it takes every ounce of Johnny's love and courage for the couple to make it through their strife, finding redemption in The River Niger.

A regular day in a Louisiana sugarcane plantation changes course when a local white farmer is shot. Led by Mathu (Louis Gossett Jr. in an Emmy® nominated role), a group of old, black men takes a courageous step by coming forward en masse to take responsibility for the killing of a white racist, whom one of their members has shot. As the sheriff confronts the suspects, the young plantation owner (Holly Hunter) stands alone in her daring defense of this group of men, provoking racial tension that makes a compelling drama.

Rated R; Not Rated - Violence, Profanity