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The Three Stooges / Abbott & Costello

The Three Stooges / Abbott & Costello
Get ready to nyuk, nyuk, nyuk-it-up Stooge-style! The masters of mischief are ready to tickle your funny bone with their outrageous storylines and trademark slapstick humor.

Disorder in the Court
A courtroom murder trial is turned upside down by the outrageous antics of the blundering but lovable Stooges. Often hailed as the best of the early Three Stooges' comedies.

The Brideless Groom
To claim a half-a-million dollar inheritance, Shemp has less than a day to find a bride. After running an ad in the paper, he's mobbed by a throng of angry ex-girlfriends&mdashh;all vying to get their mitts on Shemp and his money!

Malice in the Palace
The Stooges disguise themselves and sneak into the palace of a sheik who has stolen a priceless diamond from Rootentooten's tomb. Can they fool the sheik, find the diamond, and pull this caper off? Find out in this sidesplitting, hilarious episode.

Sing a Song of Six Pants
In danger of having their equipment repossessed unless they can find a way out of debt, the boys plot to save their business by capturing a thief and turning him in for the reward money. The chaos that ensues happens in true Three Stooges style.

Jerk of All Trades
In this rare episode from 1949, Larry, Moe, and Shemp are hired on as house painters that do more home damage than home improvement!

Laugh-Filled Trailers of The Three Stooges Feature Films
Watch the actual movie trailers of this wacky trio, which are filled with scenes of the most hilarious stunts and uproarious antics of their feature films.

One of the most humorous and well-known comedy duos in history, Abbott and Costello blazed a trail for others to follow as masters of word play and intelligent silliness. Enjoy this uproarious pair in two of their best-loved films.

Africa Screams
Abbott and Costello are a bumbling pair of booksellers who find themselves deep in the wilds of Africa—and in one sticky situation after another—while searching for diamonds in Africa Screams.

Jack & the Beanstalk
A whimsical adaptation of the famous fairy tale—a boy who dreams of a fantastical world with magical creatures—with a humorous and unique Abbott and Costello-style twist.

Not Rated / Available in Canada