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The Three Stooges & Red Skelton

The Three Stooges & Red Skelton
Get ready to nyuk, nyuk, nyuk-it-up Stooge-style! The masters of mischief are ready to tickle your funny bone with their outrageous storylines and trademark slapstick humor.

The kings of comedy are featured in silly trailers, several color shorts, Disorder in the Court, often hailed as the best of the Stooges' early films, and more!

Jerk of All Trades
Jerk of All Trades is a rare Three Stooges find, as it is the 1949 pilot created for ABC. In this special episode, Larry, Moe, and Shemp are hired on as house painters who do more home damage than home improvement!

Laugh-Filled Trailers of The Three Stooges Feature Films
Watch the actual movie trailers of this wacky trio, which are filled with scenes of the most hilarious stunts and uproarious antics from their feature films.

The Three Stooges Color Classics
Classic footage of the Three Stooges as you know and love them. See the Stooges as blundering bakers, kooky campers, and so much more!

The Three Stooges Color Cartoons
Includes seventeen sidesplitting animated shorts that will make you laugh until you cry!

Disorder in the Court
Larry, Moe, and Curly testify in a murder trial, but true to form, normal courtroom proceedings are interrupted by their outrageous antics.

The Brideless Groom
Shemp must marry to inherit a half-a-million dollars, so he runs an ad in the paper and gets mobbed by angry ex-girlfriends all trying to get their mitts on Shemp and his money!

Malice in the Palace
The Stooges disguise themselves and sneak into the palace of a sheik who has stolen a priceless diamond from Rootentooten's tomb.

Sing a Song of Six Pants
The Stooges, a trio of "unaccustomed tailors," are in danger of having their equipment repossessed, so they scheme to capture an escaped thief and turn him in for the reward.

RED SKELTON – America's Favorite Funnyman
Packed with celebrity guests, pratfalls, pranks, and silly sketches, The Red Skelton Show delights audiences time and time again, proving that Red Skelton is indeed, "America's favorite funnyman." Red and his hilarious alter-egos, country bumpkin Clem Kadiddlehopper, clown hobo Freddie the Freeloader, and more, are featured in ten episodes.

Clem the Dentist
Clem the Painter
Deadeye and the Indians
Look Awards Show
Freddie and the Spies
Halloween Show
How to Make a Salad
Mr. Lasagna
Bolivar Goes Hollywood
The U.N. Show

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