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The Vietnam War: A Decade of Dog Tags

Documentary, War
The Vietnam War: A Decade of Dog Tags
This 21-feature collection highlights the history and heartache behind The Vietnam War. A Decade of Dog Tags includes narration by your favorite stars—Charleton Heston in Vietnam! Vietnam!, Henry Fonda in To Save a Soldier, and John Wayne in the U.S. Department of Defense propaganda documentary, A Nation Builds Under Fire. This rare glimpse into history shares all aspects of the conflict—from the land to the air to the sea—in films that will take you back to the action.

The Fight for Vietnam
Know Your Enemy: The Viet Cong
The United States Air Force in Vietnam
War and Advice
The Battle
The American Navy in Vietnam
Khe Sanh: Victory for Air Power
Sand and Steel
The Full Blade
Why Viet-Nam
Faces of Rescue
A Nation Builds Under Fire
To Save a Soldier
Another Day of War
U.S. Army Advisor in Vietnam
A Day in Vietnam
The Screaming Eagles in Vietnam
1st Infantry in Vietnam
Vietnam! Vietnam! Part 1–The People and the War
Vietnam! Vietnam! Part 2–The Debate

Not Rated- Violence, Nudity, Adult Situations / Available in Canada