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U.S. Marshal

TV Classics, Western
U.S. Marshal
Principal Cast
John Bromfield, Stan Jones, James Griffith, Michael Landon, Charles Bronson
U.S. Marshal made its debut under the title, Sheriff of Cochise (The Man from Cochise). First aired in 1956, Sheriff of Cochise included thirty-nine episodes based on the life of Frank Morgan (John Bromfield), the tough sheriff of Cochise County. A year later when the title was changed to U.S. Marshal, the character of Frank Morgan was an Arizona federal marshal. Like its predecessor, U.S. Marshal also ran for a total of thirty-nine episodes before its close in 1958. Both shows were made up of action-packed adventures on black and white film, featuring Stan Jones as Deputy Olson and James Griffith as Deputy Tom Ferguson.

Mary Jo Is Missing
The Fugitive
Trigger Happy
The Human Bomb
Sentenced to Death
Husband and Wife
The Relatives

Not Rated / Available in Canada
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  • Digitally Remastered