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Vengeance Valley

Vengeance Valley
Principal Cast
Burt Lancaster, Robert Walker, Joanne Dru, Sally Forrest, John Ireland
Cattle baron Arch Stroble favors his ranch-hand, Owen Daybright (Burt Lancaster), whom he has raised since boyhood, over his biological son, Lee. Jealousy leads to lies, confrontation and an abundance of plot twists and turns—including an illegitimate child and attempted murder—before a righteous resolution is reached.

This Westernized depiction of "Cain and Abel" is the gripping story of the complicated and volatile relationship between brothers as they deal with feelings of resentment and envy.

Includes 3 Bonus Movies!

Military officer John Nelson is charged with the task of halting sabotage of the Kansas Pacific Railroad as it is extended west in the pre-dawning of the Civil War.

Santa Fe Trail details the events that occurred at Harper's Ferry, Virginia. This piece of American history resulted in a bloody standoff between abolitionist John Brown and the U.S. Army due to his noble but misguided attempts to free slaves.

Seeking refuge from the law at friend Doc Holliday's ranch, Billy The Kid wears out his welcome when he falls in love with Doc's girl.

Not Rated / Available in Canada