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War Classics Volume 16

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War Classics Volume 16
A global conflict lasting from 1939-1945, World War II was the greatest and most destructive war in history. Massive battles took place in Europe, Asia, Africa, and even the far-flung islands of the Pacific. More than 17 million military men of various warring nations perished during the conflict, and approximately 57 million civilians died as war casualties or were murdered in acts of genocide, such as occurred in Nazi death camps.

In the end, WWII had strained the financial resources of major nations so much so, they teetered on the brink of collapse. As the dust settled, these nations began the arduous process of rebuilding and starting anew—the memory of hard-fought battles and lives lost never to be forgotten.

The most significant sea borne invasion in the history of war, the Battle of Normandy kicked off with nighttime Allied paratrooper and glider landings, heavy air and sea assaults, and a pre-dawn amphibious attack in what would be a more than two month struggle to liberate France from Axis occupation and wipe out the Chambois pocket. Dropzone: Normandy is a compelling documentary that reveals Allied preparations to engage in this historical, high-casualty battle of World War II.

A gritty and tense Academy Award® winner, Desert Victory documents the clash of Germany's General Rommel and Britain's General Montgomery as their militaries collide in battle under harsh desert conditions. Britain's defeat at El Alemein is only a stumbling block on the road to victory as they ultimately conquer the Germans at Tripoli. Notably, Desert Victory utilizes actual German footage of Rommel and Hitler that was confiscated during the skirmish by the British. During the making of this documentary, four British Army cameramen were killed, seven were wounded, and six were taken prisoner by the enemy—as these brave men captured history-in-the-making on film, they became part of history themselves…

The first major battle fought exclusively in air, the Battle of Britain was the largest continuous bombing campaign ever attempted. This battle also marked the first real test of bombing strategies—campaigns designed to cripple the economic capabilities of the defending nation. Forced to battle the Germans alone, the vastly outnumbered British managed to emerge victorious thanks to the Royal Air Force's superiority over Germany's Luftwaffe coupled with the people's staunch opposition to German invasion.

Masterfully compiled by Col. Frank Capra, The Nazis Strike features actual German archival footage—Nazi newsreel propaganda— as a forceful and revealing tool to expose the Third Reich's underhanded acts of political and military injustice. As each violation of peace and exploitation is committed, major Ally powers grow increasingly certain that it is necessary to take action. The invasion of Poland in the fall of 1939 is the final straw: it's war!

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