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War Classics Volume 1

War Classics Volume 1
Principal Cast
Glenn Ford, John Evans, Jason Connery, Terence Stamp, Michael Culver, H.B. Warner, Walter Woolf King, Duncan Renaldo, John Carradine, J. Carrol Naish, Terry Frost
It is 1942 and the conflict between the U.S. and Germany is getting heated. U.S. Intelligence soon discovers that the Nazis are planning to capture Winston Churchill (John Evans). In order to protect him, they send commando Al Cooper (Jason Connery) to guard Churchill, who is going by train to Casablanca, where he will meet with Roosevelt and Stalin. Just as it was rumored, the Germans begin to close in on Churchill. Paratroopers drop down on the speeding train in a daring kidnap attempt and take him alive. Cooper valiantly tries to keep the Nazis from capturing the man, and although he hinders them in their efforts, he fails to stave them off. Now Cooper's job is no longer one of protection—he must track the kidnapped Churchill and battle the ruthless Nazis on his own.

When a plane carrying extremely valuable cargo crashes into a lake, it is still sought after twenty-seven years later. The contents of the plane are not only of interest to Russian Intelligence but to England's defense staff as well. Both sides are willing to pay whatever price necessary to obtain the top-secret goods for themselves—including mow down any man who gets in the way.

Mike Malone (Walter Woolf King), a war correspondent for the United States, is in Libya on assignment. Malone's mission turns out to be more than he bargained for when he unearths a Nazi conspiracy involving a revolt of the Arab tribes living in Libya. Soon the man who is on a hunt for information becomes the hunted—with a sheik (Duncan Renaldo) and his henchmen in hot pursuit. Unsure of what action he should take, Malone goes to British Intelligence stationed in Libya for help and learns that the British already know of the plot and that they are planning a coup. But there is more to the story than any of the parties know—such as double-crossings and secret alliances that make the solution of this intriguing plot all the more complicated.

The setting is San Francisco—where two Nazi spies have set up shop under assumed identities. The pair's front man poses as innocent optometrist Dr. Carl Decker (J. Carrol Naish). Decker's go-to guy is Victor Marlowe (John Carradine), a Nazi henchman who terrorizes local German Americans into keeping their mouths shut by making threats against their families. But when their codebook containing top-secret information makes its way into the unsuspecting hands of Jerry Donovan (Terry Frost), it is up to him to save the day by preserving democratic ideals.

Not Rated - Violence, Profanity / Available in Canada
Special Feature(s)
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