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Zorro Rides Again

TV Classics, Adventure
Zorro Rides Again
Principal Cast
John Carroll, Helen Christian, Reed Howes, Duncan Renaldo, Richard Alexander, Noah Beery
Inspired by stories of the 19th century masked avenger, Zorro Rides Again highlights the adventurous exploits of a modern day hero and grandson of a legend in this exciting twelve-chapter serial.

As the plot begins to unfold, we learn that evil tycoon J.A. Marsden (Noah Beery) has his eye on the California-Yucatan Railroad, which he plans to take over by any means necessary. From the luxurious comfort of his Manhattan skyscraper, Marsden puppeteers a band of the West's most brutal outlaws, using them to gain control of the railroad.

Weary of the gang's criminal activities, frustrated Californians send for James Vega (John Carroll), the grandchild of legendary avenger Zorro. Unfortunately, what they find is a careless playboy more interested in his golf game than in helping humanity.

But eventually Vega can no longer deny his heroic ancestry—after all, the very blood of a hero runs through his veins. Compelled to dust off Zorro's mask, whip, and cape, Vega gallantly sets out to stop the ever-plotting Marsden and his no-good henchmen.

Tune in for the danger, excitement, and swashbuckling adventure of this masked defender of justice!

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Tunnel of Terror
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Not Rated / Available in Canada
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